Friday, November 02, 2007

Organizing high school youth to build peace and resist militarism

Greetings Friends,

Here are examples of two events -- one coming up in Lancaster, PA, and one just passed, in North Carolina -- for reaching out to and organizing youth around peace and military recruitment.

If you're around Lancaster, PA, will you take a youth you know on November 10?

While neither of these examples might fully fit for youth in YOUR area, I encourage you to reflect--

What do the youth you know need, in terms of spiritual support to become peacemakers and resist militarism?  What skills do they need? 

Are there ways you can help with that?


Matt Guynn

#1 -- Lancaster, PA -- November 10, 2007

D.I.R.T. is coming November 10, 2007

, or Day of Informed Recruitment Training, will be offered to high school students who want practical training to work within their schools to help educate and inform fellow students who are considering military service.
Workshops will focus on:  Effective Dialoguing with Recruiters, Forming Clubs & Tabling, Student Rights & Regulations, Selective Service//Alternative Service.   Teachers,   guidance counselors & parents wishing to learn more about recruitment in schools are encouraged to attend. 
WHERE:  East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church in Lancaster PA 17602 (432 E. Chestnut St)
WHEN: November 10, 2007 8:30am-4pm
Food:   Drinks, Fruits & Veggies and snacks will be provided. Please bring a sandwich for lunch (if you can). Light breakfast foods served with registration (8:30am)
Hosted by: Lancaster Friends Peace & Social Concerns Committee
Advance notice of your attendance will help us with planning, workshop materials, and food. 
Please contact Marie Ryan at  or 610-777-5825 for information and directions call or go to
We will have Spanish language translator with us for the entire day. 

Example #1 -- Chapel Hill / Carrboro / Durham, North Carolina -- October 21, 2007

Are you in High School?
and …
Care about peace in the schools, the community, worldwide?
Not sure what to do about it?
Want to know how to "build peace"?
Start by spending two hours with
like-minded youth to build a
Peace Club Network
in high schools in the
Chapel Hill / Carrboro / Durham area
Sunday, October 21, 2007 6-8 pm
At Chapel Hill Friends Meeting
531 Raleigh Road
Chapel Hill, NC
Food will be provided
Call  Marion Hirsch 919-619-8792 for more information

   In the spring and summer a group of adults and youth began  work on the foundation for a youth group to address issues of peace, justice 
and community.  This has transformed into a movement to create a network  of Peace Clubs at local area high schools.  We will begin this movement by  holding a series of three participatory workshops on the following topics:
   1)       Forming a Peace  Club at local high schools (the need, ideas, nuts and bolts)
   2)       Presenting peaceful  alternatives to military recruiting, and    3)       Witnessing  to peace: creating  movement of conscientious objectors
   Attached is a flier inviting you the first workshop on Sunday, October 21 from 6-8 pm.   The meeting will be at Chapel Hill Friends Meeting 531 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill,   NC.    The three of workshops will provide you with ideas and tools  to start a club at your school and give you the materials and support to  address recruiting and conscientious objection issues with your classmates.   Over time, after the clubs are up and running, we will entertain other peace issues 
based on interest.
   As talk about a decade of war in Iraq  and possible attacks on Iran  swirl in the news, the need to confront war and violence grow ever greater.  Please  join us.  Feel free to pass out the flier or forward the email to any  others you feel might be interested.
       In peace and solidarity,
              Tom McQuiston: 919-932-6079
           John Hite: 919-929-5377
           Pam Schwingl : 919-489-1802
           Marion Hirsch: 919-929-9545


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