Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mideast Peace Prayers: Daily at 5:00

Hello, friends,

I was directed to the Mideast Peace Prayer Foundation by Peace Witness Action List member Linda Williams of the San Diego Church of the Brethren.

Take a moment to imagine what might change if there were a minute of prayer at 5:00PM every day for peace in the Middle East. Below are some speculations. Read on!

Yours for prayerful and rooted world change,

~Matt Guynn
On Earth Peace


It's 5pm. You�re sitting in a restaurant, and suddenly cell phone alarms go off. The voices subside as people bow their heads in prayer.

How would that feel? Can you imagine the conversations that might take place?

Perhaps you're watching the news. It's 5pm, and the announcer says: �We invite you to pause for a moment of silence for peace in the Mideast.�

"With the awareness that everyone has a gift to contribute, that all life matters, and that each individual really does have the power to transform the world this project will at last unite person with person, religion with religion, and culture with culture."

It�s a warm Sunday afternoon in Manhattan�s Central Park. Thousands have just enjoyed several hours with authors, religious leaders, and people in the entertainment industry.

They�re speaking about global cooperation and the power of prayer.

It�s 5pm. The crowd grows silent.

Can you imagine the healing might take place in correctional facilities, as prisoners and guards pray together each day?

Can you imagine the prisoner on death row praying for peace?

Can you envision homeless families praying together in community shelters? Families who have no possessions except for the knowledge that they can make a difference?

The possibilities are endless.

What can you imagine?



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