Monday, June 19, 2006

Encountering Military Recruitment: June 20 & 22 networking calls

Greetings all,

On Earth Peace's Encountering Recruitment Network continues to be a place for folks to get started and connected as part of the broader movement of resistance to military recruitment in schools.  

Next week, two conference calls will take place. 
        Each call is an opportunity for connecting to what motivates us for this work, time for story-telling, Q&A, and victory celebrations. 
        These calls are a great place to get connected to others who are concerned about military recruitment, to figure out how to get started, and to hear reflections and lessons learned. 
        As we end the school year and look forward to the summer and fall, the calls will also be a place to look back and then to look forward.  [There's also space to bring your concerns & agenda items (send 'em in!).]


Are you available to join us?

I just finished leading a four-day training of counter-recruitment trainers for American Friends Service Committee staff & volunteers from all over the country -- how inspiring to hear so many stories of creative counter-recruitment work -- with arts, music, and youth organizing -- !  Wow! 

So ~ all you counter-recruitment organizers, or organizers-to-be--
I am excited to hear what you have been up to lately --
and/or to hear about your yearnings for getting started --
and to see what our we can continue to do,
        together and with the help of Mystery.

Join us next week!

Matt Guynn
coordinator of peace witness
On Earth Peace
mattguynn at


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