Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Brown Bag Project

Hello friends,

On Earth Peace has been helping distribute MIXED SIGNALS, a counter-recruitment comic created by Sabrina Jones.

Now an activist-artist collective has printed the first page of the comic on paper bags to be distributed in delis & bodegas in communities targeted by recruiters. Fabulous! Read the story below.

Let me know if you want copies of the comic -- You can also see it and order it on Sabrina's website at

Yours for artivism!

~Matt Guynn
On Earth Peace

A joint project by The Friends of William Blake, Visual Resistance and Sabrina Jones.

In times like these, when recruiting youth to fight in a long and entrenched war overseas is getting progressively harder, it's no wonder that the military will use as many ways as possible to infiltrate our neighborhoods and schools, to reach us when we least expect it; say, when we're buying an egg & cheese in the morning or a snack after school. The Brown Bag Project was conceived in response to just that: the military's use of paper deli/bodega bags to promote military enlistment.
The military's bags are offered free-of-charge to bodega owners in neighborhoods with high recruitment potential. It's hard to turn down these free goods, and, by proxy, bodega owners and workers become recruiters themselves. The bags, like all military advertising, focus on promises of money for college, signing bonuses and other incentives that are either false or highly unlikely. Our job: to make sure the military's word isn't the only word on the street.

The Project
An initial print run of 1,000 paper bags to be given free-of-charge to bodegas and delis in highly targeted neighborhoods. Each bag will feature an illustrated comic on one side and a list of recruitment myths and facts, and the URL for the website, on the other.

View the entire comic "Mixed Signals" to be featured as cover art on The Brown Bag Project.

Read about The Brown Bag Project in Time Out New York.

Learn about the original brown bag project, an effort by veterans to alert Congress to the broken promises of health care for veterans.

How you can help
  1. Donate towards printing costs:
  2. Templates will be available on the website soon. Feel free to download them, alter as needed, print and distribute in your neighborhood.
  3. If you�ve seen bags advertising military enlistment in your neighborhood, please e-mail us at with the location details (we'd love pictures, too).


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