Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's Reflection

Dear friends,
        In this first post of the year, I offer several questions for this time of spiraling year-turning.  It's an appropriate week to look behind and look forward at your own peacemaking, discipleship, and justicebirthing.  
        You may want to pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or open your journal, and find a bit of open time for reflection and prayer.  Or if time doesn't permit, print it out and think about it while stuck in traffic! 
  • About what do you feel most satisfied as you look back on 2005, in terms of your risk-taking for peace and justice?  For what do you give thanks?
  • What leadings did you finally recognize this year?  What did naming them lead to?
  • In what ways is your call to peace & justice-related ministry clarifying right now?
  • What new risks might you be willing to take this year for the Beloved Community and the Reign of God?
  • In all things may we give glory to God, through whom all things are possible.  What shape might peace action as an expression of worship take for you this year?
May God richly bless your inmost soul
and your fierce and persistent resistance
to the forces of Empire.

Love & grace,



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