Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Caution to all Florida tourists

Hello friends,

First of all, WELCOME to the 12 new members that have joined PWAL in recent days!  We are now 407!

Here is a creative campaign to educate Florida residents and tourist about the state's new Shoot First gun law.  It's a great example of strategic social action -- choosing where to act in order to make the biggest difference.  Visit the link below for more information. . .

Yours for creative and soulful strategy,

Matt Guynn
On Earth Peace


The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence launched a campaign the week of September 19 to educate Florida tourists and potential Florida tourists that effective October 1 they face a greater risk of bodily harm within the state of Florida.

Individuals who are unfamiliar with Florida's roads, traffic regulations and customs, or who speak foreign languages, or look different than Florida residents, may face a higher risk of danger - because they may be more likely to be perceived as threatening by Floridians, and because they are unaware of Florida's new law that says individual who feel their safety is threatened or their possessions are at risk are legally authorized to use deadly force.

We intend to place travel advertisements to warn these tourists and potential tourists, in key U.S. gateway cities feeding tourists to Florida, starting with Chicago, Detroit and Boston, and in selected overseas markets beginning with the United Kingdom, that this risk exists. Educational materials about the law were shipped to more than 120 leading U.S. and international journalists as well as trade publication editors in the travel industry and editors at consumer travel magazines.

Trained staff will distribute educational materials on this subject to arriving passengers at Miami International Airport beginning Monday, October 3, and may be extended to additional airports in the coming weeks Advertisements in travel sections of U.S. and British newspapers begin Sunday, October 2 and the Brady Campaign is pursuing advertising in Germany, Japan, Columbia and Venezuela.


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