Friday, March 02, 2007

Useful strategy pamphlet


In case you haven't yet seen it, please check out the strategy pamphlet recently written by Beyond the Choir.  It is a provocative and thoughtful read about how the anti-war movement can be more powerful and effective in 2007.   Whether or not you are actively participating in anti-war organizing, it also contains very insightful and useful concepts about how social change happens, that are worth your time to read.

You can read it online, but you can also order a print copy for FREE before March 5 (see below).  I would recommend getting a copy to hold in your hands, to write notes on, and to wrestle with.  More info below.

Be well,
Matt Guynn
On Earth Peace

"I find the strategy pamphlet of Beyond the Choir both bold and practical.
It gets to the heart of the problem, and proposes sensible approaches."
-Howard Zinn

New strategy pamphlet available - FREE individual copies by mail for limited
time (order by March 5th).

A large majority of Americans now oppose the Iraq war, but why hasn't that
translated yet into a movement strong enough to end the war? This new
antiwar strategy pamphlet from Beyond the Choir presents organizing concepts
and tools to help local antiwar groups increase the effectiveness of their

One copy = FREE if you order by Monday, March 5!
(normally $1.00)

10 copies = $3.50 (35¢ a copy)
20 copies = $5.00 (25¢ a copy)
100 copies = $10.00 (10¢ a copy)
Costs cover shipping.  Rates are within the U.S.

To order copies (individual or bulk), email info[at]
Please write "ORDER" in the subject line, and indicate the number you want.
Payment for bulk orders can be made by following the paypal link on our
site. For more info or to read the pamphlet online, visit

Feel free to forward.


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