Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Food and Clothing, Cattle and Love

Dear friends,

This item may be of particular interest to members of the Church of the Brethren!

I know that many congregations are raising money for Heifer International during the Christmas season.  Is yours?   As you promote Heifer's work in your congregation, you may wish to order a copy of On Earth Peace's new documentary,  "Food and Clothing, Cattle and Love: Brethren Service in Europe after World War II."  The documentary covers the story of Brethren service in Europe after World War Two, and includes information on the Brethren roots of Heifer Project. 

The DVD includes presentations in three lengths, including a 3-minute music video incorporating live music from National Youth Conference 2006 (great for use in a worship service!).

More information below!


Food and Clothing, Cattle and Love:
Brethren Service in Europe after World War II

"They opened up their hearts, and tried to build bridges, and the bridge was Christ�s love."

The work of Brethren Service in Europe, following the devastation of World War II, is an example of the church at its best. In an outpouring of service backed financially by sacrificial giving, the Church of the Brethren came to the aid of neighbors in need. Following Jesus� example, Brethren Service crossed political boundaries to extend a helping hand.

For the first time, this story is available in DVD format, with photos and film footage from the years just after the Second World War. To suit the needs and interests of a variety of audiences, the story is told in three different styles and formats. 

Single copies: $10 + $3 shipping and handling.

To order, please call 410-635-8704, or e-mail


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