Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mubarak Awad launches hunger strike for ceasefire

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Mubarak Awad, who is initiating this hunger strike, is a Palestinian Christian, the founder of the Palestinian Centre for the Study of Nonviolence (whose work is now continued by the Holy Land Trust).

After being expelled by Israel in 1988, he founded Nonviolence International (based in Washington, DC).


Media Release
August 1, 2006
Mubarak Awad 202 413 6062
Edy Kauffman, 301 728 6886
Mohammed Abu-Nimer 703 839 5259



Washington DC. On Wednesday, August 2, 2006, at 2pm, Lebanese, Israeli and Palestinian citizens will hunger strike in relays at the US State Department joined by many others around the world. The message, together with other Christians, Muslims, and Jews is: Stop the killing and start negotiations with all the fighting parties.

Mubarak Awad, says "As Lebanese, Israelis, and Palestinians, now living in Washington DC, we call upon Americans of all faiths to show compassion for the victims and ethical concern for the current violence by fasting for peace and justice. The right to life is the most valuable of all."

Edy Kaufman says "We call on the United States government and all the conflicting parties to talk officially or unofficially to each other instead of trying to kill and injure each other. Talk to Syria, talk to Hezbollah, talk to Hamas, talk to Israel, and talk to Iran. Talk, don't kill. All parties have legitimate grievances and concerns. Deal with them."

Mohamed Abu Nimer says "We are undertaking a fast, knowing well that Middle East conflicts will not be resolved by this action alone. Join us in a hunger strike to share in the suffering of hundreds of innocent civilians killed, the wounded, the displaced, those whose livelihoods were destroyed, and those countless children who will grow up with deep traumas."

The organizers expect thousands of people to join the effort in the Middle East and around the world, fasting from 1 to 21 days calling on the United States and all parties to talk rather than kill. Many are expected to donate their meal savings to peace and humanitarian groups.

Others are expected to meet their political representatives and tell them there is no military solution to these conflicts. Therefore we have to talk.

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Prof. Mohammed Abu-Nimer,

Prof. Mubarak Awad,

Prof. Karim Crow,

Prof. Edy Kaufman,

Jonathon Kuttab,

Michael Beer,

Barbara Wien.


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